I'm a full-stack developer passionate about making usefull things in the best way possible.

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Hi, I'm Aleks. I create full stack web apps for fun!

I love using anything programming-related to turn some of my passions into projects for others to enjoy. I use many technologies to achieve that and I'm always looking for something better or to improve upon.
I also love metal music, producing music, 3D printing, mechanical keyboards and woodworking.
Learn more about my hobbies here!

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University of Newcastle

I attended Computer Systems Engineering at University of Newcastle in Australia in 2019, where I discovered a true passion for programming. At that point I knew I wanted to do more of it, so I made a decision to fast track my career and went to a Sydney based Bootcamp - Software Engineering Immersive at General Assembly.

Who am I?

I love learning, especially from other people. I usually spend my free time on (over)researching my new hobbies.
I am inspired by other people's great ideas and unique approaches and love working in an environment with people who have those. I do not mind critique at all, quite the opposite - I appreciate it.

Besides programming I love creating music, D&D and woodworking. I have a page about these hobbies so if you're curious check it out!
I'm also a huge DIY fan; from electric bikes, to simple smart home implementation with Raspberry Pi's or Arduinos, to a bunch of speakers I created from old car radios.
I love 3D printing and maybe due to that mechanical keyboards are my jam and I have multiple of these which you can of course check out in the hobby section (half of them are printed).