Music Production

Brymek · Vawe EP

This hobby has been one of my biggest passions of my life. I’ve been creating music for over 7 years now, most of which is not shared anywhere. I did collaborate with multiple people and keep doing so.

Throughout my life I found few things that really captivated me and simultaneously gave me a creative outlet. Music is just one of them, and was the main one until it got pushed over by programming (which can actually pay the bills).

Here’s my EP, give it a listen!

Mechanical keyboards and 3D printing

Both of these hobbies are related in my case, because I wouldn’t get into 3D printing without mechanical keyboards, and I wouldn’t be able to create keyboards without 3D printing.

It’s a lovely hobby, that let’s me analyse my physical needs and design a product perfect for them, that’s also ergonomic and most of all COOL looking. Here are some pictures!

This hobby was also a great nudge to get some hardware knowledge - not only programming. I got to understand PCB design, played with USB Protocol, learned to read someones huge project with little knowledge of C (here is what’s used for keyboard software btw) and debug real life problems - like bad soldering joints, fried or mounted in wrong direction diodes.

D&D and Worldbuilding

One of my biggest hobbies is creating and discovering new worlds created by others. I’m an avid reader of r/worldbuilding.

I also create my own homebrew campaigns that I run for others, with my own twists and takes on classic D&D 5e rules.


Most of my life I’ve had contact with making things - wood was just what happened to be the easiest to pick up.

That led me to developing my skills and building desks, cupboards, speakers and couple more things. I’m currently getting into wood joinery and everything fine-woodworking related.