I’m passionate about making things easy for both myself and others - maybe that’s why I got into programming? Anyway I’ve created multiple tools throughout my programming adventure, here are some of them with a short description.

Firebase Hooks

Firebase Hooks were my most official project up to date (I even got a Star and a pull request from a random person on Github!). I was frustrated with how firebase was implemented and used in react, so after searching internet and finding nothing that suited my needs I decided to do it myself.

It was my first big project with TypeScript, so there are a lot of things there that could’ve been done in a better way - and will be at some point.

What I learnt:

  • TypeScript Basics
  • Creating custom hooks
  • Understanding how to use and create closures (in storage interfacing especially)
  • Organizing a big project.
  • Managing a relatively big project (for my knowledge at least) with Github - creating issues, not just pushing code, but working with branches and merging them with pull requests.
  • Working with others with different skills - I had a friend which also graduated from GA, from a class I thought in that helped with some things.
  • Thinking about API and DX. There were a lot of ways to implement these hooks, but what I aimed at was to create an experience where a Dev installs them and after just a few lines of code, has a connection to database and can log people in.

The library itself aged alright, based on the fact that I had no prior experience in creating such things before. It’s not advisable to use it now, but I’ll most definitely redo it as it’s a great project for learning typescript.


seedr showcase

Seedr is a very small utility for creating Seed Data in Rails app. It’s using some fake information from external API, and creates text to copy and paste in your Rails app.


The thing is that tools are the best when they do something that took us ages in seconds - these just hit differently. That’s exactly what I wanted to do with [Drumkits scraper]( from r/drumkits. It’s using Puppeteer to grab links that people put in r/drumkits subreddit, goes to each of these links and tries to download all of the files from these pages.